Who are we ?

Our Founder

Pierre RIOU


With more than 40 years of expertise and know-how in the glass industry, Pierre RIOU is embarking on a new adventure to develop its activities in the Indian Ocean. A promise for new ambitions: Your Comfort in Transparency.

Our history

RIOU GLASS in 1979


Pierre RIOU launches a craft business: painting, insulation, installation of additional glazing and double glazing.


Pierre RIOU opens his first glassworks, VIP in Normandy (France).


RIOU GLASS in 1983
RIOU GLASS in 2010


Pierre RIOU acquires SOREMIR (Réunionnaise Glassworks Company), a leading company in Reunion Island and in the Indian Ocean (Mauritius, Madagascar, Mayotte).
This company has two main activities: glass products and blinds.
This is the beginning of the RIOU adventure in the Indian Ocean.


Pierre RIOU acquires from Saint-Gobain Glass France a 50% stake in Eurofloat, a company specializing in the production of flat glass located in Salaise-sur-Sanne (in Isère, France).
Simultaneously, Pierre RIOU is developing the company RFG (RIOU Flat Glass), specializing in the sales and distribution of heavy glass products.
Finally, Pierre RIOU takes over a glass product processing unit in Pouilly-en-Auxois (in the Côte-d’Or in France) while creating the company VICO (Vitrages Isolants).

RIOU GLASS in 2012
RIOU GLASS in 2020


With more than 1,200 employees spread across 12 factories, Pierre RIOU passes on RIOU GLASS to his daughter, Christine RIOU.

The adventure goes on

New adventure RIOU OCEAN GLASS

Our innovations in the spotlight

After passing on his business, Pierre RIOU formed a new team and set out to conquer the Indian Ocean market, through RIOU OCEAN GLASS.

Founded in 2023, RIOU OCEAN GLASS is the first full-process glass manufacturer in the Indian Ocean.

Strategically located on the island of Mauritius, RIOU OCEAN GLASS is uniquely positioned to serve the African continent, as well as the French Overseas Departments and Territories (DOM-TOM), Australia, and other islands in the Indian Ocean such as Madagascar.

Service area

Creator of innovations

A pioneer in emerging markets, the expertise and know-how of RIOU OCEAN GLASS in the field of glass excellence allows its industry to be recognized as the essential partner of architects and various market players.

Our RIOU OCEAN GLASS teams at the heart of our development
  • 1 processing and storage site of 10,000 m2 at the Red Sea.
  • 60 employees, 95% of whom are Mauritian.
  • 23 partner processing sites in France and Europe.
  • 100,000 tons of glass processed per year.
  • 2,700,000 square meters of installed insulated glazing per year.

Experiences and Innovations

Our teams bring unique expertise and know-how in glass manufacturing. They thus guide the company by committing to Mauritius for development and rapid growth, maintaining a family and committed culture and creating jobs and values in the territory.




Julien MERLE

Julien MERLE

Sales Manager Ile Maurice

+230 5255 8879

Arthur BESSE

Sales Manager Madagascar

+261 34 48 774 79


Sales Manager Océan Indien

+262 692 69 64 43

Our infrastructure

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology and operated by a qualified team of over 60 professionals, our facilities combine innovation, precision, and efficiency to best meet the needs of stakeholders.