Laminated Opacifying Glass by RIOU OCEAN GLASS

With our controlled opacity laminated glass, the RIOU OCEAN GLASS teams effortlessly transform your workspaces and meeting areas into intimate and confidential environments. These glass panels offer a modern and elegant appearance for your buildings. Their ability to transition from opacity to transparency allows for great flexibility in the design of interior spaces, offering architects and designers numerous creative possibilities.

Laminated glass with controlled opacity is a type of smart glass that offers the ability to control the opacity or transparency of the glass. These glasses are composed of multiple layers of glass with a special interlayer film between them. The incorporation of liquid crystals between two sheets of extra-clear glass allows for transitioning from translucent opacity to transparency when subjected to a low electrical current.
This type of technology is often used in commercial buildings, car windows, airplanes, and other applications where light and privacy management is essential.

In office spaces, controlled opacity laminated glass can be used to regulate incoming natural light while providing the option to create private spaces when needed.

These glasses consequently offer a wide range of benefits for numerous architectural and commercial applications, including light and heat control, privacy, energy efficiency, aesthetics, and UV protection.

In response to sustainable and responsible challenges, RIOU OCEAN GLASS advocates for these glasses, particularly to help mitigate excessive heat from the sun and reduce reliance on artificial lighting. These glasses thus help reduce air conditioning costs and improve thermal comfort inside buildings. Some types of glass are also designed to filter harmful ultraviolet rays, providing increased protection for your employees and against furniture and interior discoloration.