Emmanuel THIEBLIN is the CEO of RIOU OCEAN GLASS. In line with the company, he embodies the human values associated with this Mauritian adventure. From product innovation to the agility of its teams, he accompanies the conquest of the glass market in the Indian Ocean with optimism, responsibility, and empathy.

3 questions for Emmanuel THIEBLIN

How is innovation an integral part of RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s DNA in Mauritius?

Innovation has always been an integral part of RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s DNA. The entrepreneurial adventure of its founder, Pierre RIOU, indeed began with the patents he took care to file in 1988 for a horizontal belt press.

Thus, mirroring its founder, RIOU OCEAN GLASS has continuously strived since its establishment in Mauritius to live up to what defines the strength and purpose of our organization: the ability to innovate in response to the challenges of our industry, the mastery of excellent craftsmanship, and the capacity to adapt and meet the ambitions of our clients.

Our local teams are recruited with profiles that enable this creative agility. They are thus mobilized locally on a daily basis to manufacture glass products that meet precise specifications while also allowing them to tackle sometimes unconventional and ambitious challenges.

It is indeed thanks to this high level of demand that we claim to be able to offer unique expertise with unparalleled manufacturing lead times within the Indian Ocean. This high degree of expertise and know-how is cultivated internally among our teams within our company in Mauritius, and also ensured through technical training provided in French factories by RIOU GLASS experts.

How has RIOU OCEAN GLASS managed to adapt to the expectations of the local market?

RIOU OCEAN GLASS has adapted to the expectations of the local market with empathy and kindness, particularly towards its teams. The ambition of the shareholders is indeed to create value and employment in Mauritius and ultimately in the Indian Ocean region.

It is therefore with humility that we have taken care to analyze the challenges of our market and the expectations of our prospects in the territory. Based on this observation, we believe we are able to offer a more appealing and attractive value proposition than other market players: both in our ability to master the major technological and societal challenges of our industry, and also thanks to our capacity to demonstrate great responsiveness on the projects entrusted to us.

Therefore, the unique expertise and know-how of our teams enable the precise fulfillment of the specifications entrusted by our clients. Our strength certainly lies in our execution agility and local proximity to best meet and respond promptly to the set requirements. As RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s promise is committed: “Your Comfort in Transparency.”

What are RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s main ambitions for the coming months?

As we approach the upcoming inauguration of our glass manufacturing plant in Mauritius, RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s next ambitions primarily revolve around our ability to create value and employment through the expansion of our activities in the territory.

In this context, we aim to involve our organization in a local sector with responsible issues, particularly focused on circular economy issues such as eco-design or the recyclability of glass products, for example.

We also aim to initiate societal projects that give meaning to our vision, such as addressing, at our scale, the challenges of climate change in Mauritius. A dedicated research and development center focused on local challenges could thus enable our teams to respond even more effectively to the expectations of our clients in a general interest approach for the territory.

I take this opportunity to announce that we are open to discussions on collaborative and partnership projects that give meaning to our existence in the territory.