Your Comfort in Transparency

Our glass manufacturing and processing company is equipped in Mauritius with its unique high-resolution digital printing process on glass.

This high-resolution glass printing process completes its range of decorative glazing. RIOU OCEAN GLASS thus offers architects, designers and project owners a degree of customization to the desired designs in the design of facades, exterior joinery or even interior glass fittings.

This unique process is the only one in operation in the entire Indian Ocean and allows RIOU OCEAN GLASS to position itself on its market thanks to a personalized offer.
To do this, our company has invested in the installation of a manufacturing line installed in recent weeks on its site in Mauritius.

Thanks to this investment and the mobilization of our teams, RIOU OCEAN GLASS is completing its range of decorative glazing and now offers a very high quality decorative glass offering in digital printing up to 1440 dpi.

Our manufacturing processes allow us to adapt to cultural influences by creating unique and tailor-made glass pieces reflecting your personality and your sensitivities.

We thus respond to your Comfort in Transparency, and this with an unrivaled degree of personalization which responds to the personalization of your arrangements.


“Our customers will be able to print in color and with exceptional rendering all the texts and images they want to carry out ultra-personalized projects for facades, windows, glass doors or even interior designs…” explains Emmanuel THIEBLIN, CEO.


“The acquisition of this line will also allow us to rework our entire range by obviously offering new decorative models, but also by improving certain existing decorations, in particular thanks to the speed and quality of execution provided by printing digital on glass. » insists Julien MERLE, sales manager for Mauritius.

Once the image file (PDF, JPG, EPS, etc.) is received by our teams, the glass is cut to the desired dimensions, the edges are shaped, then it is washed and dried to remove all traces of impurities on its surface, before be sent to a clean room where the image is printed in high definition.
The glazing is finally thermally tempered to allow the ceramic inks to be permanently fixed and thus guarantee the stability of the colors and the unalterability of the patterns. Depending on its destination, indoors or outdoors, it can also be laminated or assembled into insulating glazing to respectively offer a higher level of security or energy performance.

This new personalization solution is accompanied by an associated service offering since our teams also provide the skills of computer graphics designers for the creation and retouching of digital files.

Thanks to this new printing process, creation on glass is now limited only by your imagination.