Anti-Condensation Glazing by RIOU OCEAN GLASS

Our anti-condensation glazing solution allows for improved hygiene with complete elimination of moisture. It adds permanent transparency for total visual comfort. It ultimately ensures optimal vision, particularly to address safety concerns related to visibility.

Preserved cleanliness/sanitation
The presence of mold can pose several health problems, including allergies and respiratory tract irritations. Furthermore, mold can damage the surfaces on which it grows and cause structural problems in buildings.
Thus, our teams have developed a range with a system that eliminates any condensation formed on the interior surface of glazing. This radical elimination of interior condensation is ideal for humid areas and also reduces the risk of mold in these spaces.
This is particularly advantageous for indoor pools, spas, and sports facilities. Similarly, it is essential for refrigerated cabinets and bins, particularly for food items.

Unmatched transparency
Your showcases offer better showcasing of the displayed items. Our glazing indeed allows for the elimination of condensation that can form on the glass surface. This phenomenon is becoming increasingly common with interiors that are better insulated and/or in highly air-conditioned environments.
With the elimination of all condensation, the glazing remains consistently clean and transparent.

Optimal and secure visibility
Finally, our glazing provides an effective solution to maintain visibility. Our anti-condensation function plays a vital role in ensuring that visibility is always preserved. This is particularly true for the windows required in supervision or control positions (control towers, aircraft bridges, or modes of transportation…).

The effective management of condensation on glazing consequently maintains a healthy, pleasant, and safe indoor environment.
Depending on the use and specific needs of your premises, as well as the environmental conditions associated with them, various types of anti-condensation glazing can be used to minimize its consequences.
In short, “Your Comfort in Transparency”.