Your Tribute to his Image: Pierre & CRISTAL

RIOU OCEAN GLASS brightens Funerary and Commemorative Events with Glass. Our teams, in collaboration with our partner Pierre & CRISTAL, offer the creation of personalized, luminous, and elegant monuments and commemorative funeral articles.

The unique proposition of this range of funeral and commemorative products is to allow families, institutions, and pet owners to pay tribute by narrating their stories through their gravesites. These funerary or commemorative monuments are thus luminous and colorful canvases illustrating moments of life, passions, and experiences.

I spent a few days renovating the stained glass windows of a Family Chapel in a cemetery. I noticed the sadness and dullness of its surroundings. Why not pay tribute to our loved ones by combining colors and luminous reflections? Introducing Pierre RIOU, founder of RIOU OCEAN GLASS, to illustrate his vision during the creation of Pierre & CRISTAL.
In short, your Tribute to his Image.

Our partner, Pierre & CRISTAL, was born with the mission of transforming cemeteries alongside us into galleries of personal stories and celebrations of life’s moments. Every life deserves to be commemorated in a way that is as unique and exceptional as the manner in which it was honored.

“Glass, symbolizing purity and clarity, embodies eternity. Funerary and commemorative monuments made of glass combine elegance, luminosity, customization, and durability,” states Emmanuel THIEBLIN, CEO of RIOU OCEAN GLASS.

The customization of each monument is only limited by your creativity. You are thus free to choose the shapes, colors, and patterns to tell a story and pay tribute to the personality of the deceased.
RIOU OCEAN GLASS offers high-quality customization of glass panels thanks to its digital printing process, which can reach up to 1440 dpi.
The translucent nature of glass creates a subtle interplay of light and shadow, revealing certain aspects of the monument and thereby the illustrated story through the reflections of sunlight rays.

Unlike other materials, glass withstands the elements and retains its beauty over time. It is also easy to maintain and clean.
To ensure the durability of our products, the manufacturing process involves reinforcing each glass sheet through a hardening process, followed by their assembly to guarantee increased strength and a high level of safety. As part of our responsible approach, they also have the particularity of being made to order from recyclable materials.