Produce Locally, Act Sustainably: RIOU OCEAN GLASS

RIOU OCEAN GLASS has made the strategic choice to establish its factory in Mauritius, aiming to respond with agility and responsiveness to the needs of its customers while also aspiring to create wealth and jobs locally. Thus, our teams foster this close and trusting relationship to provide the best advice and solutions tailored to the specificities of each project for which RIOU OCEAN GLASS is solicited.

Producing locally allows us to better control our costs.
Our glass industry is able to better control its costs through its local presence. It indeed enables us to source directly within the territory, thereby reducing our transportation and logistics costs accordingly. We are thus less exposed to price fluctuations of raw materials and foreign currencies, as well as logistical difficulties associated with transportation modes. This advantage allows us to invest accordingly in product innovation.

Managing our human resources locally also enables us to be more agile and responsive, confidently and personally addressing the challenges our clients face. And this competitive advantage is priceless! Our employees – 95% of whom are from Mauritius – benefit from training to master our expertise in RIOU Glass’ French factories. This way, they can proudly showcase and implement our know-how within the Indian Ocean region, especially on the Mauritian territory.

Our DNA has always made sure to place humanity at the heart of development challenges. By investing in the training and personal development of our employees, RIOU OCEAN GLASS has significantly enhanced the operational efficiency of our industrial processes while fostering internal innovation to address local challenges.

Producing locally also means further limiting our impacts.
In order to further control the costs associated with our activities, our teams also focus on the development of eco-design and material reuse to increase the sustainability of our products. We collaborate with our partners to successfully execute ambitious and coordinated projects within this framework. By collaborating with other local businesses, the various activities can ultimately pool their resources and means, thus significantly enhancing efficiency and profitability.

Similarly, optimizing our industrial processes on-site leads us to reduce waste of raw materials and save energy required for the operation of our machinery and installations. Our teams work accordingly to continuously improve our processes to make them more responsible and virtuous.

Finally, by sourcing and manufacturing locally, RIOU OCEAN GLASS reduces the need for long-distance transportation. In addition to transportation costs, this also allows us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation methods. Through the establishment of small decentralized production units to optimize river transport, RIOU OCEAN GLASS aims to further reduce transportation needs for its distribution. Our teams thus focus on the combination of proximity of its activities and sustainable transportation alternatives to further control its impacts.

By adopting responsible strategies and working closely with other local stakeholders, our glass industry will be able to reduce its carbon footprint while stimulating economic and social development in Mauritius as well as throughout the Indian Ocean region.
With RIOU OCEAN GLASS, our teams and partners produce locally and act sustainably! Your Comfort in Transparency.