Enamelled or screen-printed glazing to dress facades or brighten up interiors

Enamelling is a process which allows a color to be fixed on the surface of the glass in a lasting manner. Rglass EMAIL enameled or screen-printed glass is a tempered product, one side of which is coated with one (or more) layers of colored, opaque enamels, vitrified during thermal tempering. All temperable glass can be enameled or screen printed.

The particularity of screen printing compared to other printing techniques is that we print through the plate on the support and not, as in other techniques, by transferring the plate onto the support.

The glass is first cut and shaped, then enameled and screen printed, and finally it is passed through the tempering furnace. What is enamel? It is composed of 80/90% glass frit (more or less transparent compound), the coloring is carried out using pigments (10/20%) composed of mineral elements of metal oxides fixed at high temperature (1600° VS).

Enamel, generally made from lead borosilicate, exists today without lead or cadmium. RIOU Glass favors these enamels, which are more environmentally friendly and meet our environmental requirements. These pigments therefore remain stable at quenching temperatures which are around 650/700°C. Tempering allows enameled glass to withstand significant temperature variations. The enamel, delivered in powder or paste, can be used either by spraying with a gun, by curtain coating or by induction by roller, or by screen printing.


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