RIOU OCEAN GLASS UV-resistant glass

Ultraviolet rays are harmful to human health and can also deteriorate materials and surfaces exposed to them over time. The dedicated glass panels from RIOU OCEAN GLASS are designed to filter out a significant portion of these harmful rays.

In the construction of residential buildings or as part of the implementation of commercial projects, solar protection and optimizing brightness are among the challenges set by our clients. The glass products from RIOU OCEAN GLASS thus enable meeting the essential characteristics to combine the necessary solar protection with optimal natural brightness.
UV-resistant glass is thus used in the construction of windows, glass roofs, showcases, conservatories, and even in more ambitious architectural structures. The characteristics of our glass consequently allow for protecting people, furniture, textiles, as well as artworks from the harmful effects of UV rays on your buildings.

Indeed, our glazing limits discoloration, premature aging, and other forms of deterioration caused by prolonged exposure to UV rays.
The range of solar control glass offered by our teams features a dual-action, low-emissivity soft-coat layer. Solar control is achieved by depositing a layer of metal oxides using an electromagnetic process.

According to your needs, some of our products can also promote the energy management of large glass surfaces by filtering the transmission of energy into the building interior. In short, “Your Comfort in Transparency”.