RIOU OCEAN GLASS Safe Glass Innovation

Our research and technological advancements in treatments and coatings enhance the safety and durability of our range of glass products. Durable products resistant to impacts, scratches, and offering UV protection are gaining popularity among our customers.

Among its durable and secure products, RIOU OCEAN GLASS offers a range of bullet-resistant glass specifically developed by our teams for professionals and relevant installations. Stop’Eclat VB is therefore the no-spall bulletproof solution. This glazing meets BR2 NS to BR7 NS classifications.

This spall-free all-glass bulletproof solution is composed of laminated glazing combining only glass sheets and PVB films. This is recommended for installations where security requirements necessitate the use of resistant products while avoiding the risk of injuries related to glass spall projection.

This glazing complements two other ranges, thus bringing to the market the most comprehensive bulletproof offering: the AB bulletproof range (with spalls) and the laminated glass range combining glass and polycarbonate, Stop’Eclat CA (spall-free).