Soundproof Glass by RIOU OCEAN GLASS

With our acoustic laminated and sound-insulating glass panels, RIOU OCEAN GLASS offers a range of glass products designed to shield you from external noise and preserve your quality of life in residential, commercial, and recreational spaces.

The insulation of building interiors against noise has become a major design criterion, due to the rapid increase in both road and air traffic and the development of mobility in urban areas.

These sources of noise, which can emanate from various sources such as public transportation or even just neighboring activities, can cause discomfort, inconvenience, stress, and even more serious public health issues.

Excessive noise can indeed be a source of chronic stress and can have detrimental effects on health. Sleep disturbances, cardiovascular problems, concentration and learning difficulties in children, as well as disruptions to emotional well-being are among the discomforts caused by ambient noise. Effective soundproofing helps reduce these risks by limiting exposure to unwanted noise over time.

Window glazing plays a crucial role in reducing sound levels. It even provides the necessary privacy in offices, conference rooms, and hospitals. In a noise-free work environment, good sound insulation promotes employee concentration and productivity by reducing auditory distractions.
Similarly, in our children’s educational spaces, better sound insulation can greatly enhance learning by reducing auditory disruptions in the classroom.

Thanks to a specific intermediate layer made of polyvinyl butyral, RIOU OCEAN GLASS is able to produce high-quality acoustic laminated glass that ensures sound reduction and protects your premises from external noise.

Various applications are possible in residential constructions (apartments or houses) as well as non-residential constructions (offices, healthcare facilities, train stations, airports, freight zones…).