Curved Glass by RIOU OCEAN GLASS

Our glass products can be shaped into various rounded formats to best meet the demands and specifications of the architecture. Thus, the teams at RIOU OCEAN GLASS meet the needs for authenticity in certain creations as well as the functional or structural requirements of some constructions.

Our ROG-GlassCurve Rglass range is a curved glass produced using a softening technique and a mold to achieve the desired curvature. A product of architectural expression, it gives designers great freedom by allowing bold shapes.

This glass can be used both indoors and outdoors, providing optimal management of light and vision. The rounded formats of glass require specific manufacturing techniques to achieve the desired curves without compromising the transparency or strength of the glass. These techniques include heating the glass to specific temperatures, using molds to achieve the desired shape, and thermal treatments to strengthen the glass once it’s curved.

Glass can thus be curved for curved facades, storefronts, canopies, and curtain walls. It can also be laminated in this context for increased safety.

Glass can also be curved to create glass domes or vaults. Our teams can thus accompany you in creating curved glass skylights, allowing panoramic views and abundant natural light in entrance halls or galleries.

Glass can also be offered in curved or cylindrical panels to create curved facades or bay windows that combine aesthetics with expanded views. The rounded shapes consequently add a unique aesthetic dimension to buildings, creating modern and elegant designs. Curved storefronts and facades can also enhance the aerodynamics of structures and offer better panoramic views.

Lastly, glass domes and vaults enable optimal and responsible diffusion of natural light, thereby reducing the need for artificial lighting and its associated costs.

“The rounded formats of glass in architecture are utilized to blend modern aesthetics with functionality, enabling innovative and luminous designs. Whether in simple, annealed, tempered, or laminated glass, or in insulated glazing, it can also incorporate other functionalities,” concludes Julien MERLE, Commercial Manager at Ile Maurice.