RIOU OCEAN GLASS Self-Cleaning Glass

RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s self-cleaning glass ensures daily cleanliness and transparency They thus provide more visual comfort and permanent brightness. This type of glazing is particularly cost-effective and environmentally friendly by reducing maintenance costs and the use of non-virtuous products.

The self-cleaning glass incorporates a special double-action coating on its exterior surface, applied during the glass manufacturing process. Exposure to daylight triggers a two-step chemical reaction. First the organic dusty deposits decompose, then rainwater “coats” the surface to rid the glass of decomposed dirt particles. The “hydrophilic” properties of the layer allow rainwater to spread evenly over the entire surface instead of forming droplets like on ordinary glass and considerably reduce the phenomenon of external condensation.

Self-cleaning glass is also an environmentally friendly product, significantly reducing the frequency of cleanings and thus the consumption of water and chemical detergents. It also helps reduce energy consumption by eliminating the need for aerial work platforms or high-pressure cleaning machines. Similarly, by maximizing the transmission of natural light, it reduces the reliance on artificial lighting.

Thus, it enables significant economies of scale by reducing maintenance costs for buildings, making them consequently more attractive to professionals, residents, and tenants.

Finally, it is particularly suitable for both private and commercial buildings due to its economic and aesthetic advantages. Indeed, it meets the requirements of designers in terms of solar protection, thermal insulation, and the protection of people and property, which are particularly desired for large glazed surfaces.