ulien MERLE is our sales manager for the Mauritian territory. As embodied by our promise “Your Comfort with Transparency,” he presents what characterizes the raison d’être of RIOU OCEAN GLASS and the values upheld by our teams through an original and tailor-made project undertaken for a wealth management company.

Questions for Julien MERLE.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS glazed partition

RIOU OCEAN GLASS glazed partition

How do the teams at RIOU OCEAN GLASS adapt to the level of customer demands to produce under the best conditions?

The conquest of the Indian Ocean is the challenge I wish to undertake alongside him on this beautiful welcoming territory that is Mauritius. Our commitment to achieving excellence is reflected in every detail of our glass creations. ChatGPT Indeed, we believe that every project deserves to be authentic and, above all, personalized. Our teams thus transform challenges into opportunities and ideas into original and surprising partitions. At RIOU OCEAN GLASS, every project is an opportunity to push the boundaries of our teams. Thus, we are committed to responding as effectively and agilely as possible to our clients’ requirements. Our expertise and creativity are driven by the ambition to surprise and delight them.

What characterizes and sets RIOU OCEAN GLASS apart from other players in the market?

RIOU OCEAN GLASS now offers a range of elegant, innovative, and socially responsible glass products. Thanks to the industrial process we have implemented in Mauritius, our teams can locally adapt with agility and responsiveness to all types of configurations. Certainly, this is our main strength today, enabling us to personalize ambitious and often unconventional challenges. Therefore, beyond our original solutions and the quality of our glass products, our local presence in the Indian Ocean gives us a definite advantage in terms of response times and adaptability, right at the doorstep of our clients. And placing humanity at the core of our development and projects is essential at RIOU OCEAN GLASS.