Decorative and customizable glass by RIOU OCEAN GLASS.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS offers a wide range of decorative glass designed for entry doors as well as living or working spaces. To create the next trends, our teams specialized in the manufacturing and processing of flat glass are accompanied by interior designers and architects.

With its range of decorative glass, RIOU OCEAN GLASS modernizes the reception of your premises with customizable, trendy, and innovative designs.
Subtle or assertive, the entrance door is a central element of a building. Our glass products are adaptable to all styles of joinery and materials (wood, PVC, aluminum, mixed), for both new construction and renovation projects.

Our creations allow light to enter while expressing your personality by incorporating your brand’s DNA from the moment visitors arrive at your establishment. They enable full enjoyment of natural light and consequently save on the energy required for artificial lighting. Moreover, our products also ensure the thermal balance of your premises.

Some types of decorative glass also offer an additional degree of privacy without sacrificing the natural light of the various spaces in your premises. They are thus able to provide selective transparency, allowing light to be diffused according to your specific needs. It is then possible to direct light towards dedicated areas of your spaces or, alternatively, to create shaded areas to add visual depth.
Similarly, certain decorative glasses are designed to filter light through colored tints or patterns, creating subtle light effects that add warmth and an elegant thematic ambiance to your spaces.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s glass panels thus express all our expertise by blending different transformation techniques such as resin application, sandblasting, lacquering, fusing, piece bonding, leadwork, and digital printing technology. To achieve this, our industrial unit in Mauritius possesses its own manufacturing process with a high-resolution glass printing line.

In addition, our decorative glasses combine design with technical virtues that we keep secret, such as reinforced thermal insulation, acoustic comfort, solar control, burglary resistance, and ease of maintenance.

We invite you to discover our collections of decorative glass and let our teams surprise you with the creative and customizable opportunities offered by our various processes. In short, ‘Your Comfort in Transparency’.