Your challenges, our innovations – RIOU OCEAN GLASS.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS is addressing various strategic challenges related to its specific industry as well as the general challenges faced by our societies in the current economic, social, and environmental context. For each of these challenges, our teams provide tailored solutions on a daily basis.

We invite you to explore our main priorities and ambitions to better respond with agility to your needs.

Our clients are at the heart of our development. Their preferences are constantly evolving, and our teams must adapt to respond to market changes. Among them, our teams respond to changes in aesthetic preferences, materials used, or functional characteristics of glass products.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS’s technological advancements, including new manufacturing processes, improved materials, and innovative design techniques, make our company in Mauritius a unique and competitive industry. Remaining visionary is our creed to enable the proposal of innovative, competitive, and cutting-edge technological solutions.

The expertise and know-how of our teams in Mauritius, trained in France, allow us to leverage the best talents in our factory and offer unique experiences with our products. Skill development remains a major challenge to meet the level of technical expertise required for glass production.

This allows our teams to offer glass technologies with intelligent, secure, or custom solutions that cater to the challenges of modern design. We support the realization of glass facades, fully glazed constructions, or transparent interior designs promoting brightness and modern aesthetics.

Sustainability and broader social responsibility challenges are priorities that we aspire to continue developing in the Mauritian territory and the Indian Ocean region. Indeed, our consumers are increasingly sensitive to societal issues, especially those related to the preservation of our environment. RIOU OCEAN GLASS takes care to adopt sustainable and preventive practices, aiming to reduce its carbon footprint and provide virtuous solutions to its clients. We are exploring new circular economy solutions to further enhance our industrial processes.

Your Comfort in Transparency: explore below our range of glass products and feel free to consult with us on the specifics of your interior design projects.