Pierre Riou invests 10 million in Mauritius to create Riou Ocean Glass.


The founder of the Normandy mid-size company RIOU Glass has just made a 10 million euro investment to create a flat glass processing factory in Mauritius, in the Indian Ocean. A project he is leading alongside recognized investors and his grandson, Louis Riou. Indefatigable is the term that could characterize the entrepreneur Pierre Riou. After founding the mid-sized company RIOU Glass in 1979 (with a turnover of 260 million euros and 1,000 employees), which he passed on to his two children Christine and Nicolas Riou in 2022, the young retiree from Normandy embarks on a new entrepreneurial adventure! Latest project: the creation of a flat glass processing factory in Mauritius, located in the western part of the Indian Ocean, named Riou Ocean Glass…

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