High-performance anti-explosion laminated glazing, maximum protection against blast and explosion

The Stop’Blast range of laminated safety glass against blast and explosion was born from collaboration between the different players in the sector. This range fully meets the protection needs in buildings where the risk of explosion (accidental or terrorist) is significant.

These high-performance glazing provide an appropriate response in these sensitive locations and ensure optimal protection of people and property. These glazings come from our latest lamination technology where the glazings can be combined with composite materials.

This bi-material combination guarantees maximum protection and optimization of the thickness and weight of the final glazing. Our Stop’Blast glazing allows, compared to other products of equivalent class, to reduce the thickness of the joinery and significantly improve the quality of vision and light transmission.

Different possible applications: SEVESO classified sites (chemical factories, oil refineries, places of storage and processing of gas, hydrocarbons or other dangerous materials) Peripheral buildings of SEVESO classified sites, which may be subjected to the blast of the explosion Any other sensitive place where there is a risk of accident (thermal power plants, nuclear power plants, test centers, laboratories, etc.) Stop’Blast® also aims to protect people and property in the event of a terrorist-type explosion . This glazing is strongly recommended in all types of places where the risk is latent: military sites, administrations (embassies, consulates, etc.), strategic public places (airports, train stations, etc.).


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