Didier Joseph Graphiste RIOU OCEAN GLASS

Didier JOSEPH is a graphic designer and operator of the Tecglass printer. He joined the RIOU OCEAN GLASS teams after following training at RIOU GLASS VIP in Normandy. Its objective is to actively contribute to the search for new creative ideas and the implementation of avant-garde solutions within our Mauritian company.

3 questions to Didier JOSEPH

How did you learn about RIOU OCEAN GLASS and what was your professional background beforehand?

Thanks to a recruitment agency, I had the opportunity to discover RIOU OCEAN GLASS. I was particularly attracted by the vision of this company in the territory of Mauritius, in particular by the inspiring story of its Founder, Pierre RIOU.

I am indeed fascinated by the development of this company over the years and the ambitions it has set to create value and jobs in Mauritius.

Until now, my professional journey has been an exciting adventure in the field of Graphic Design. With five years of experience, I have developed solid skills in graphic design and packaging.

I am proud to have joined the RIOU OCEAN GLASS teams to take on this new challenge and put my know-how at its service.

How did the RIOU OCEAN GLASS teams support your integration into the field of glass expertise?

My integration into the field of glass expertise with the team was marked from the start by the support and cooperation of the teams within the company.
RIOU OCEAN GLASS has been able to adapt to the local origins of its employees to share its expertise and values.

From my first days, I was warmly welcomed by the CEO, Emmanuel THIEBLIN and those who later became my colleagues. I quickly noticed that the company values the diversity of skills and perspectives within its team.
This has established an inclusive working environment where everyone feels supported and encouraged to make their own contribution to the development of the company.

Regarding training in glassmaking know-how, RIOU OCEAN GLASS has set up a vast training program, notably at the RIOU GLASS VIP glass factory located in Normandy.
This allowed me to develop my skills effectively and thoroughly. The training sessions were delivered by experts in the field, some with decades of experience.
The emphasis placed on the transmission of unique know-how in the glass field strengthened my understanding of the innovative techniques initiated by the company.

What do you see as the main strengths of this company and what are your ambitions within its organization for the future?

I consider that the major strength of RIOU OCEAN GLASS lies in its inclusive approach on the Mauritian territory by involving stakeholders and adapting to the local culture.
It is also based on its relationship to innovation and its high level of demands on the quality of its products. In my opinion, there is no equivalence in the Indian Ocean.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS anticipates market developments and offers innovative glass solutions to meet societal challenges. The continued search for new technologies, sustainable materials and eco-responsible manufacturing methods demonstrate the company’s commitment to excellence and sustainability.

RIOU OCEAN GLASS therefore offers high quality products that meet the ambitions and challenges of its customers. The combination of traditional glassmaking know-how with modern approaches allows the company to stand out and benefit from a significant competitive advantage.

As a graphic designer and operator of the Tecglass printer, my goal is to actively contribute to the search for new ideas and the implementation of cutting-edge solutions. My previous experience in graphic design allows me to collaborate effectively with existing teams to support this innovative dynamic while benefiting from the kind advice of my managers.